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This page is primarily a link a page to other Raider sites. I will express my opinion on various events as they occur. Not every single link will be posted here, just the ones I primarily use.
Disclaimer: This is not an official page of the Oakland Raider organization. This page is not an official page of the National Football League.

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Here are the links:

The OFFICIAL OAKLAND RAIDERS HOME PAGE This page is from The Oakland Raiders themselves. If you want the official word (Not Media speculation) go here. There is a chat area, photos, all the raider records, press releases and the theme song are here. I checked them out last season during training camp and they provided day-by-day coverage. During the season they also offer fans a opportunity to engage in a chat session with present and past raider players.

The Oakland Raiders on SF Gate This page is from the online edition of the san francisco chronicle. The articles are dominated primarily by two writers. Every once in a while there is an article from columnist glenn dickey. glenn dickey was a beat writer for the raiders during the raiders first go around in oakland. There is also a message board there where visitors can sound off. I received a testimonial from a visitor of my page who is known as Papi Raider that has participated on their message board that the fellow Raider fans are very dedicated there. After every game during the season they have a real audio file of the head coach's post game conference. They are very current regarding raider events.

Raiders End Zone Home -San Jose Mercury News This page is a close second when it comes to being up-to-date compared to the previous link. there is a frames version and a non frames version available for this page. The articles on this page is mostly those of the beat writer. During training camp the beat writer provides real audio reports of the day's events. Usually the columnists come out from hiding after a game during the season.

The Press Democrat Online: Raiders This page is from the online edition of the Santa Rosa press democrat. The raiders are basically treated as an afterthought. The articles on this page are a couple of steps behind the previous two links. The columnists on this page are not as critical of the team as the previous two links.
The Sporting News: NFL - Oakland Raiders A weekly update on raider happenings. it is currently written by one of the writers of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Sports Server's Oakland Raiders Page This page is from It provides game previews during the season every thursday. they also provide the box scores after each game along with a game summary. There is also a section with raider related articles and also recent statistics and schedule. Raiders section A local page that reports on Raiders issues. There is usually a poll question and a discussion board where fans can sound off.

Oakland Raiders - The Vertical Game A page from david brooks. David brooks is a raider fan who lives in san francisco. This guy was ahead of everybody when it comes to fan pages. He gives you his opinion, has a discussion board, a collection of articles from almost every online publication that reports on the raiders and a raider classified ad section.

Raiderfans.comA page from a group of die-hard raider fan junkies. If you want to tailgate at network associates coliseum this page will point you to the different fan groups and tell you where they are in the coliseum. there are at least two online magazines raiderfans magazine and saber (silver and black electronic report). There is a poll, discussion board, chat area, links to other raider fan pages and if you're interested you may become a member.

The Raider Homeport Message Board This is a message Board that allows for Raiders' fans to post their opinions on raider related issues.

To catch Raider games tune intoKTCT 1050am

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